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19 June 2024

“We are all beyond grateful”

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Skye, from Rayleigh, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia two years ago and has just finished treatment. Here she is ringing the bell at her end of treatment party!

Christina, Skye’s mum, shares here how Gold Geese has supported them throughout their cancer journey.

Christina said:

We couldn’t have done this journey without Gold Geese. They have supported us from the first day at Great Ormond Street Hospital. They were in constant contact making sure we were okay and if we ever needed anything, they would make sure we received it.

“They have arranged emotional support for us, taken us to and from countless appointments at Great Ormond Street, sent shopping vouchers, Christmas presents vouchers, bought us garden furniture so Skye could have friends over and still social distance to keep her safe, and recently gave Skye the most amazing End of Treatment party. It was everything she wanted and it was truly magical. 

“What Gold Geese do is invaluable. Truly angels on earth and we wouldn’t be the people we are now, out of treatment, if it wasn’t for their support.

“They made everything just that little bit better when life was unbearable. We are all beyond grateful.” 

Thank you to Skye and her family for sharing their story and for all their amazing fundraising and awareness raising!

Donate here to help more families like Skye’s.