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About Us

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Our Vision

For every family diagnosed with childhood cancer to feel supported in our hometown and beyond

Our slogan is We Fly Together, because Geese are a team and no one is left behind. #weflytogether #goldgeese

Gold Geese provides personalised practical and emotional support to families of children and young people fighting cancer in South East Essex.

Everybody’s experience of cancer is different, so we tailor care for each family, including

  • funding for mental health therapy
  • treats, toys and gifts
  • respite trips
  • food shop vouchers
  • practical help with hospital transport
  • bereavement support

We also raise awareness of childhood cancer signs and symptoms and deliver training workshops to childcare practitioners, parents and healthcare professionals.

And we encourage people to donate blood and register as potential bone marrow donors, as these are needed in some cancer treatments.
Gold Geese receives no Government funding and relies on donations for its work.

Read more about Childhood Cancer here.

Our Mission

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Our Values

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Our History

Gold Geese was founded by our CEO Katie Southgate in 2018, following her child’s cancer diagnosis. Understanding the impact of a diagnosis, Katie set up the charity to help other local families in the same situation. Her child is now cancer-free.

How we chose our name

GOLD is the childhood cancer awareness colour.

GEESE are powerful animals that travel huge distances together, supporting each other by flying together to conserve energy and helping sick, injured members – exactly what’s needed when fighting cancer.

How we're run

We are a registered charity (Charity Commission Registration Number 1182332).

See our Charity Commission page for our latest end of year reports and governance documents.

We are a small but mighty team governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees who are responsible for the direction of Gold Geese. They give their time for free to help us reach our goal of supporting every family affected by childhood cancer in South East Essex.

View our end of year accounts and governance documents.

View our safeguarding policy.

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Katie Southgate,
CEO and founder

Meet our Trustees

Andy Sterry

Andy Sterry

Laura Peters

Laura Peters

Sally Bailey

Sally Bailey

Anna Whyte

Anna Whyte

Louisette Mullin

Louisette Mullins

Elena Bays