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13 June 2024

Gold Geese turns 6!

Gold and white cloud with gap in the middle
Flying guess silhouettes

Did you know, we started out as Hattie’s Heroes? This was a community rallying to support our founder’s family’s own childhood cancer journey.

Then six years ago we launched Gold Geese with the aim of supporting every local child affected by cancer and encouraging more people to recognise the signs and symptoms.

And thanks to our incredible supporters and volunteers we’ve helped over 100 families so far.

Here are a few examples:

  • nearly 350 counselling sessions costing over £15,000
  • dozens of respite trips to Legoland, Port Lympe, Centre Parcs, London Zoo and Mercedes Benz World
  • twenty end of treatment celebrations and parties
  • limousine home from hospital instead of an ambulance
  • numerous food and toy deliveries to hospital wards
  • thousands of messages of support

Some quirky requests from families included a voucher for a local butchers, as their son was receiving steroids as part of his treatment and was craving a lot of meat; and a life drawing class in London involving real wolves!

Ahmed (10) from Westcliff has been supported by Gold Geese since being diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma when he was seven.

His mum Fatima says:

“Gold Geese have been a huge support to the whole family. They have been there to give all sorts of practical support to help with Ahmed’s journey, through treats for him and his sisters for when he is feeling low, pick me ups, celebrating milestones with us, quality time for the family and always being available for emotional support.

“One of the most memorable times out for the children was going to London Zoo on the Gold Geese train. The children still talk about the day so fondly now. Something like a day like that would not have been possible with how financially tight things become due to treatment, one parent having to give up work and the extra financial strain of going up to hospital and treatment.

“Gold Geese has been the calm in such a horrific storm. The waves have been huge and unpredictable, but each time one hits, Gold Geese have been there to support, guide and ride the wave with us.

“It can be a very scary lonely journey filled with so much fear and uncertainty. And when you are feeling that blow and someone comes to hold your hand it has such an enormous impact.”

Thank you to all our supporters powering us so we can be there for families.

Donate to Gold Geese here.